Soft Elegance

Incomparably fluffy and soft, alpaca wool is considered one of the most skin friendly materials in the world. Alpacas were already tamed and held by indigenous people of the Andes thousands of years ago, and their fiber was already valued by the Incas as the "fabric of the kings". The silky-soft and exceptionally robust wool feels very delicate on the skin. It can be assembled from pure alpaca fiber or combined with other fibers (such as cotton or silk).

For every season

ASIRI's products feel so comfortable and soft that you can actually feel the connection to the friendly animals located far away in the Andes of Ecuador. The fiber of alpaca is hollow and filled with air, thus alpaca wool has an insulating effect: a breathable, naturally functional material that cools in summer and warms at winter time.

Alpacas and sustainability

The calming effect of alpacas on humans has been known for a long time. Today, the peaceful animals from the Andes are increasingly used in Europe for trekking tours - especially for children, often even in connection with therapy. Alpacas adapt perfectly to their environment and their soft, cushioned feet leave no enduring traces, even on the sensitive soils of the Andes. Deriving from the family of the camels, alpacas are extremely efficient in resources consumption. Thus, they usually do not feed on leaves or trees, preferring to brush grasses without damaging their roots.

Already cuddled today?

One alpaca animal on its own gives sufficient fiber within one year to provide for several of our beautiful ASIRI blankets and scarves.

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