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This high-quality blanket will be shipped together with a tailor made bag consisting of the same materials and design. Perfect as a gift or when traveling. Size of the blanket: 180cm x 220cm


Asiri blanket made from high-quality alpaca blend. Hand-made and manufactured in a sustainable way. The size of this blanket is 180cm x 220cm. The blanked is shipped together with a tailor made bag consisting of the same materials and design as the blanket. Colors can slightly differ from the sample pictures. This is due to the fact of every Asiri product being a unique and hand-made piece. Gift your friends or loved ones, or get yourself a high-quality natural product, which you will appreciate for a long time to come!

Additional Information

Each one of ASIRI’s products is handcrafted with love, using high-quality sustainable materials. Breathable fiber is one of the main characteristics of natural woolen products. The emergence of fluff is an indicator for the natural quality of the product. Your Asiri alpaca blend product loves to be maintained properly, so you will be able to enjoy it over a very long period of time!

Machine waching with „wool-program”, or manually in lukewarm water.
Gently wring and dry flat, do not centrifuge in washing machine, do not dry on heater!
Asiri products can be dry-cleaned as well. Please consult with your local laundry shop.
After the washing and drying, wrap the product in a bag and put it in your freezer for two to three hours. That way, it decreases the fuzzling considerably.
Gentle brushing with a soft brush will keep your Asiri product soft.
Keep Asiri products away from open fire and heaters!


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