Share a smile

ASIRI means "smile" in the Quechua language - symbolizing the natural, simple life philosophy of the indigenous people in the Andes region of Ecuador.
By purchasing ASIRI products, you are actively supporting the indigenous families in the Imbabura region to maintain their centuries-old traditional craftsmanship. Additionally, you will be able to put a smile on the faces of all the people to whom you gift one of our ASIRI products.

Show some color

For the Quechua people and their culture, every color has a meaning. With ASIRI products you go beyond a fashion statement, by influencing your environment and the people surrounding you.

Share a smile

All our ASIRI products are handcrafted by Quechua families in the province of Imbabuara within the Andes Region in Ecuador. By ordering ASIRI products, you contribute to maintaining and continue century old traditions.

Make a special gift

The soft Alpaca fiber is known as one of the most functional natural materials in the world. The light and hollow fiber is filled with air, warming and cooling at the same time. The ideal gift for hot summers and cold winters!

The reason we created ASIRI

The world has always been our home. This way of thinking has led us to Ecuador over the course of our professional lives already 20 years ago. The natural way of life of the indigenous people and the colorfulness as well as the quality of their handcrafted alpaca fabrics have never stopped fascinating us. We felt that we wanted to make a contribution in order to preserve the traditional Quechua craftsmanship that has been handed down for generations.
Finally, after several years of building the necessary structures and overcoming regulatory obstacles we were able to make ASIRI products available in your country since the middle of 2018.

Today, we want to bring a smile (ASIRI) to all those who buy our products - and give the families who craft these wonderful materials the opportunity to share their unique tradition and way of life with future generations.

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